Our Mission

-Street inspired fashion at an affordable price-

Ikigai is a word in Japanese defined as: "a reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the mornings".

Here at Ikigai & Soul we focus on the latest urban fashion while providing simplicity and elegance through our products. It is our mission to ensure our customers feel confident in knowing they’ll stay one step ahead of that ever-changing curve, and with our everyday amazing prices everyone can always afford to look their best.

Throughout the history of our business, we always had our customers as the center of our "Ikigai". This vision was firmly cemented by the company's founders and has been passed down to every single employee. As a result, we were able to grow from a local Canadian business to an international focused company that ships worldwide, free of cost. We have inventory storage in China and Singapore. We truly value what customers are paying for and that should be nothing more than the products they love.

Our mission at Ikigai & Soul will never change, now go find your reason.


Welcome to Ikigai & Soul.

Size Chart

All Bomber Jackets are standard US size (Please order what you normally wear)