Ikigai Hyper-Cloud™

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With our most advanced technology, the Hyper Cloud combines street-wear with maximum comfort. The specially designed lower sole placed directly atop a radically reinvented landing cushion system, Ikigai Hyper Cloud ™not only defies convention but delivers a sensation underfoot that seems to defy gravity.

Together we are making history.

Red Tint
Full White
Shoe Size

WE took footwear to a whole new level

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Size Guide

We recommend customers ordering your standard usual USA/EURO size from retailers such as (H&M, Zara & etc)

For a more edgy look, go for a size bigger than your usual size. (Trousers excluded) 

 height (cm) Weight (kg) Pants Size Top Size
160-170 50-55 26/28 (XS) XS/S
165-175 55-65 30 (S) S
170-180 60-75 30 - 32 (M) S/M
175-185 75-85 32- 34 (L) M/L
185-195 85-95 36 (XL) L/XL

Sizing is a general recommendation, each individual is unique and different.*